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What people are saying about Serenity Yoga... 
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Pregnancy Yoga


"Highly recommend pregnancy yoga with Nikki. I didn't do it in my first pregnancy but wanted to try it for my second, it really helped me deal physically and mentally with what was to come. I used the breathing during my labour to keep me calm. Now that my baby is here, I am really missing my yoga sessions and will definitely be going again if we decide to have another baby".

Karen Pooley

"I have been to Serenity yoga for two of my pregnancies and have really loved it! Nikki really listens to any concerns you are having and helps with advice and ways in which to help the aches and pains of pregnancy. It’s also a great way of meeting like minded people. I would highly recommend Nikki "

Holly Ford

Retreats & Workshops

"I’ve been going to Nikki’s classes and retreats now for over 2 years and in my humble opinion she is one of the best in this area! I would definitely recommend her."

Karen Watts

Thanks Nikki, a very enjoyable facial yoga workshop. Remarkably, I can feel the difference already, its so nice to pay attention to the face."

Linda Bramley

"From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and at home. The pace and variety of the retreat offered new thoughts, ideas and feelings to flow. The whole weekend was so beautifully put together with candles, music, song, images, blankets and heart. I wouldn't change a thing, I only which I lived closer so I could get my weekly dose of Serenity Yoga."  

H Lorett

Foundation Course
& Continuing Development

"I took this Foundation Course during the Covid Year!

In what were trying times, this course with Nikki made a real difference to my appreciation of the Art of Yoga.& the difference it can make in all areas of life. I thoroughly recommend both the course & Nikki in the way she always delivers from the heart."

Austin Green

Weekley Classes

"I love my weekly yoga classes, they help me in so many ways."

Linda Kocel.

"Highly, highly recommend Serenity Yoga. Attending these classes and having Nikki as my teacher has improved my mental and emotional wellbeing, plus I no longer have lower back pain. I am so grateful for every yoga classes. If I could come to every one, I would".

Kate Marillat


"I find my class with Serenity Yoga to be an oasis amid the demands of the week and essential in terms of reconnecting to everything. Nikki is an inspiring teacher who challenges and cherishes all her students."

Jeremy Holmton 

"Nikki is a brilliant yoga teacher. She's reassuring and attentive to your body's needs and limitations so you always feel you're in safe, knowledgeable and caring hands, while she also knows when best to push you further so you surprise yourself . On the emotional, mental and spiritual front, she's warm, nurturing and inspirational. And last but not least, she has a great sense of humour. Totally and wholeheartedly recommend Serenity Yoga" .

Kate Wickens

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